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Here at Toxic Press Apparel, we don’t rush your orders, we are committed to giving you 100% satisfaction. If you’re not happy we are not happy! Not only do we provide large custom orders, but we are also a streetwear brand that is constantly changing with you because we want our customers to wear exactly what they want, at an affordable price. Toxic Press Apparel is your brand! Do you want it? We will design it for you! Our services are not limited, we do vinyl with only the best quality vinyl. We also do sublimation in the highest quality possible and of course screen printing!

full-zip hoodie

  • Men and women apparel

To personalize this Full-Zip Hoodie, please fill out the information in the contact form. A member of our team will contact you regarding what you would like to have personalized. This can include colours of vinyl, fonts used, names, departments, graphics, etc.

01  you decide

The best part of a great print is first decided in the imagination of our customers. Think about that message you want to pass using your shirt and sketch it. Then design your sketch as you would want to see it on a shirt and then pre-order it

02  you pre-order

Now that you know what you want, the next step is to pre-order it. Tell us the quantity you want to print, the types of shirts, sizes, and colors. Then upload your design with the pre-order if you have one or you can contract us to design for you

03  we contact you

As soon as we receive your pre-order, we shall contact you and discuss the modalities and sign an agreement

04  we print and deliver

After agreements are reached, we shall go to work to get your order ready as agreed and shipped to you…TOXIC PRESS APPAREL 

We Are Your Favourite, Print Store.

We keep our costs low so that we can provide you with great value on a great product.

Get Best Offers On Bulk Customized Designs!

Best Quality Printed T-Shirts & Hoodies At Affordable Price!

We have a quality design crew that does all of our street designs and can also do your designs if you so desire. One of the great things about our designs is that they understand the best print sizes, color combinations and separation methods and working from the inside, they will keep turning around the designs until the result is achieved and all these at no extra cost you.

Our site is encrypted with the Server Socket Lock and backed by Commodo. All encrypted information left on our site are safely managed to ensure your contact details and payment cards are iron-clad protected

Our first impression is to develop an ongoing relationship with our customers where they are offered varied discounts and coupons for bulk orders. Customers who are reselling their products will be highly considered.

Nationwide Shipping

Toxic Press and our partners take enormous pride in every product we offer and strive to deliver them nationwide in the best possible condition on the requested delivery date.

Best Quality

Toxic Press and our partners take enormous pride in every product we offer. We source of materials from top-notch companies in US, Canada and Asia to ensure best quality delivery

Best Offers

Our prices and highly competitive for we offer as end results to our customer. We understand that if its going to a customized print, then it will have ti leave a lasting impression.

Secure Payments

Our secured site is encrypted with the Secured Sockets Lock and has the trusted key at the left side of your browser's window to indicate that you contact and payment details are safe